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Who We Are

We want you to know that We, Spread NC church is a Christ-centered instrument in the hand of God used to CALL, CHALLENGE, and CHANGE by Spreading the knowledge of God's word and will. We are a people CHOSEN to bear GOOD Fruit by Planting the Seed, Meeting the Need, Watching God, And Believing!! And our mandate is to reach the nations!



Salvation Centered

People of Praise


Enviroment of Love

Applicable Teaching

Disciple Development

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  • Jesus Christ
    We Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life through his death and the power of his resurrection.
  • Bible
    We Believe the Bible to be God's word and the revelation of his will to man and the accept it as our rule for faith and conduct.
  • God's People
    We Believe Christian fellowship, mutual edification and evangeliccal effort, in the form of local churchs is God's ordained order for his people.
  • Church
    We Believe each church is to assemble together for worship, fellowship, council, and instruction in the word of God and the work of the ministry.
  • Gifts
    We Believe each church should exercise the gifts and offices provided for in the New Testament to obtion the Christian goal, "Be ye therefore perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect."
  • The Gospel
    We Believe God has called and anointed us to emphasize the fullness of the Gospel through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

What We Believe

Our History

Spread The Word Ministries
Apostolic Covering

Overseer Warren C. Winns


In September 1997, the Lord called Minister Winns into the ministry as an evangelist of the Gospel.  He preached his first message in the Republic of Korea, December 26, 1997, at DISCOM Chapel, Camp Casey, Korea and was later licensed by Pastor Wesley Woodward Sr., St James Missionary Baptist Church, Lawton, OK.   Rev. Winns served 22 years in the US Army. 


The Lord continues to do a work within Rev. Winns, he was instructed to spread the good news of God through songs, inspirational plays and motivational speakers (Luke 14:23), which led to Spread the Word Ministry Incorporated being established on May 8, 2000.  After several years of serving as the Associated Pastor at St James Missionary Baptist Church, Lawton, OK, God began to move the ministry to another level, and in a different direction.  Through his faithfulness, the Lord established Spread the Word Ministries Worship Center on September 18, 2006. 


On the 19th of Nov 2006 Rev. Winns was ordained as a Pastor by State Overseer Dr. Lester M. Cezar of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International. In January 2010, Overseer Winns was appointed District Overseer of the South Central District of the State of Oklahoma representative for FGBCF. On May 4th 2014, God established Spread the Word Ministries of Elyria Ohio under the leadership of Overseer Winns, with one of many Spiritual Sons and Daughters Pastor Dewayne and Lisa Redding serves as Pastor and Co-pastor under Overseer Winns’ leadership. Overseer Winns presently oversees three additional Spread the Word’s in NC, KS, and GA.  He has an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies and he is currently pursuing further education. 


Overseer Winns has been married to the beautiful Cynthia E. for 23 yrs., and is the proud parent of three children, Patrice, Brandon and Beonica.

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